Thanks & Gratitude

November has come to an end I have been thinking of all that I’m grateful for! I could make this the longest post EVER by naming my blessings one by one, but I won’t!   I will, however, focus on how grateful I am for my clients! You are truly what makes this job and…


Simple & Elegant: Small Encasements For Preserved Flowers

BIG events such as weddings are usually decorated with floral arrangements. They are part of the BIG day. There are always lots of photos taken to document the occasion. We love revisiting the event by looking at the photos weeks, months and years later. Photos are great to be sure but there is another way you can revisit your BIG day: Floral preservation. Desna’s Designs uses the patented Suspended In Time process to preserve your flowers. Your flowers will look as fresh as they did on that BIG day.

Suspended In Time Flower Preservation

We receive requests to preserve floral arrangements that were used for all sort of important occasions.

We use a patented process called Suspended In Time® that is unequaled by any other method of flower preservation. Your flowers can be dried and encased within a few days. Because this method dries the flowers so fast, the flowers do not have the deterioration that other drying methods have. The flower color and shape retention is amazing with our process. The flowers will continue looking beautiful for many years to come.