Your wedding dress is a big investment, and not just monetarily. True, the amount spent on your dress is a significant part of the overall investment. However, your wedding dress also represents an emotional investment. Most brides put a lot of time and energy into finding and choosing the perfect dress, and for good reason. The dress you choose will become a focal point of your wedding day. The spotlight will be on you, which means it will also be on your dress. So what should you do with this investment after your wedding? Shouldn’t you take care to preserve it for the future? There are many reasons to consider wedding dress preservation. Maybe you want to keep it pristine simply as a reminder of how it made you feel on your wedding day. Perhaps you want to secure the possibility of passing it down to a daughter or another loved one. Or maybe you want the option of wearing it again someday in the future if you choose to renew your vows. Whatever your individual reason, preservation is an important consideration in the overall investment of your wedding dress.

Is Wedding Dress Preservation Worth the Cost?

Although some people may not feel wedding dress preservation is important, many others find it extremely valuable for its symbolism, meaning and other potential uses. Because of this, one of the first questions couples ask is, “How much will it cost?” There may be a better question to ask. Is it worth the risk to not have it preserved? Even gowns that are stored carefully in a closet or another location may yellow or fray over time if not preserved professionally. Preservation is the best way to safeguard the color, fabric and shape of your dress. A company that specializes in wedding dress preservation will understand all the intricacies of handling your dress to ensure it retains its beauty throughout the years.

We’ve written this article to help you understand some of the ins and outs of wedding dress preservation as you’re deciding if it’s right for you. The following paragraphs will explain to you some of the benefits and other considerations. As you can imagine, not all preservation companies are created equal. At Desna’s Designs we’ve chosen a particular methodology and we believe it’s important for you to make the best, most informed decision for your individual situation.

Create the Ultimate Family Heirloom

Wedding dress fashions tend to go in and out of style as the years go by. There’s no telling when the dress you wore on your wedding day will be back in vogue. What if your dress is back in style when your daughter, granddaughter or another loved one gets married and they would choose to wear it? What a great way for them to honor you on their wedding day by wearing the same dress you wore on your wedding day. One common regret women have is that their dress is not in condition to be worn because it was not preserved properly. Preserving your gown with a professional service is the best way to ensure it looks just as great for them on their wedding day as it did for you on yours.

Cleaning should be Handled Professionally

Prior to encasement, a professional preservationist will thoroughly and appropriately clean your wedding dress. Air itself is not the enemy of your dress. Stains are primarily what cause a gown to deteriorate over time. There are many different types of stains your dress can absorb throughout the course of your wedding day, such as sweat stains, grass stains and oil stains. However, the most sinister of all are sugar stains, which if left untreated will give the fabric in your dress a yellowed appearance over time. Failure to have your gown properly cleaned opens the door for corrosion as the years go by. Many blemishes can go unnoticed to the untrained eye causing great disappointment down the road. Professional preservationists are trained to inspect gowns and ensure stains are identified and addressed appropriately.

Wedding Gown Preservation has Never Been More Affordable

Prior to the 1990’s, wedding dress preservation was out of reach to the mainstream market because the process required special machines not available to the masses. In our day, mail-in wedding dress preservation has transformed the industry and made this service much more widely available and affordable. Mail-in preservation is a proven service that is safe and insured. There are different options available to those who wish to preserve their gown. To learn more about what to consider read our article about wedding dress preservation methods HERE.

At Desna’s Designs we have chosen to partner with the Wedding Dress Preservation Company of Endicott, NY. This company has been preserving wedding dresses for over 100 years and is one of the most respected names in the business. The Wedding Dress Preservation Company offers two options for gown preservation:

  1. wedding dress 1Traditional Line
    • Cost range: $200 – $225
    • Included:
      • Prepaid gown cleaning and preservation chest
      • Outside shipping container
      • $500 declared value
      • 100 year certificate guarantee
      • Prepaid shipping both ways
  1. wedding dress 2Celebrity Line
    • Cost range: $250 – $350
    • Included:
      • All Traditional Line features
      • $1000 additional declared value
      • Gown wrapped in unbleached muslin
      • Hand pressing
      • Silver preservation chest

We’d be delighted to work with you to preserve your wedding dress. CONTACT US today to make an appointment to begin the process of creating your family heirloom, or if you have further pricing questions and need some clarification, we’re happy to help.