What situations are okay for non-professional floral preservation that will still end with the best results? When is it okay to preserve your flowers at home rather than taking them to a professional? Can at-home floral preservation match the quality of professional preservation? If you have a question that may sound like one of these, this is the place for you.


What is Flower Preservation?

The process of floral preservation extracts the moisture from your flowers, helping them keep their shape and color as much as possible so they don’t wilt. Floral preservation, when done correctly, captures the beauty of the flowers and halts the wilting process, leaving the flowers just as bright and shapely as when they were alive.


Non-Professional Floral Preservation

Floral preservation at the Do It Yourself (DIY) level can be simple. There are inexpensive floral preservation methods out there that are either easy or relatively easy for you to try at home. Opinions vary on the best DIY methods. Some of the most popular options include air drying, book pressing, microwaving, and the use of moisture-absorbing agents like silica gel.

Some people believe DIY preservation can produce acceptably beautiful results.  While this can be true, it is more likely that you will be unsatisfied and want your flowers back because these preservation methods are often unreliable. With each of these methods, timing must be impeccable to receive desirable results. People who try DIY methods often do so incorrectly. The most common mistake people make is over-drying the flowers. Over dried flowers are brittle and break very easily.

What situations are okay for non-professional floral preservation that will still end with the best results? If you don’t care as much about the appearance of the end result but still want to save your flowers from complete deterioration, DIY methods are acceptable. DIY methods are great for anyone who prefers speed over quality.


Professional Floral Preservation

When you go to a professional preservationist, like Desna’s Designs, you are sure to leave happy when you pick up your finished product. The best people in their field, who use the best equipment, produce professional work.  Professionals work on their craft every day and are constantly improving their skills to stay at the highest level.

The traditional method of floral preservation in the professional world is freeze-drying. In the freeze-drying process, flowers are brought to a temperature below freezing before the moisture is extracted. As the temperature of the flowers is raised back up, any moisture remaining in the flowers is extracted. The freeze-drying process can take between 1-3 weeks depending on the flower. In some cases, the floral preservation process (pre-treatment, freeze-drying, post-treatment, and design) can take 10-14 weeks or even longer.

For a guaranteed beautiful finished product that will be beautiful for years to come, go to the professionals. Most professionals do more than preserve your flowers. Most will preserve, design, and encase your flowers as you would like. If this sounds more like you, contact your local floral preservation professional today.


Why Work with Desna’s Designs?

At Desna’s Designs, we use an innovative patented method of preservation developed by Suspended in Time®. This method is more efficient than traditional methods which gives less time for deterioration to set in, helping us present you with the best finished product as possible. The technology we use in our process allows your flowers to be preserved in 3-5 days. This short preservation time helps us get your flowers back to you as soon as our production will allow. At Desna’s Designs, we will work with you from start to finish to create a unique piece that you will love enough to pass down for generations to come.

Desna’s love for working with flowers and clients creates the perfect environment for your treasured flowers to be handled with perfection. Her handling of your flowers with the same care as if they were her own, assures you a unique piece of art. Desna’s fulfillment lies in the satisfaction of each and every customer, knowing that they are leaving with an encasement that will bring back fond memories of special occasions and loved ones.

Again, what situations are okay for non-professional floral preservation that will still end with the best results? At Desna’s Designs, we believe that the best results can only be achieved by professionals. At home (DIY) floral preservation leaves too much to chance especially since these items have such sentimental value.

What situations are okay for non-professional floral preservation that will still end with the best results? Previous client holds her finished product confirming her decision on professional over DIY preservation.

If you want other opinions, listen to the testimonies of our previous clients who were once in your situation! Check out some of the work we have done for these clients!

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