Ever heard of turning flower arrangements into beautiful pieces of art? Many people choose floral arrangements as a way to commemorate different occasions. Throughout many of life’s occasions, we spend a lot of money on flowers which keep for about a week on average. Why not transform those flowers into gorgeous artwork you can keep for a lifetime and pass on to generations to come? Let’s talk about how to make them into a beautiful piece of art to display in your home!


Continual Commemoration

The process of floral preservation can make your special flowers timeless. They can also be beautifully displayed as works of art for your home! The final product of floral preservation can take on many different forms.  Your wedding bouquet can be hung on the wall of your house for you to admire daily. Flowers from a loved one’s funeral can be placed in an ornament for the coffee table year-round or the tree at Christmas. Bouquets given at a dance recital can be displayed with a dance portrait for your little girl’s room. The options are endless.

How do you know you have chosen the right way to preserve your flowers for display? The best, and easiest, solution is to have your flowers preserved by a professional. The techniques professionals use guarantee you’ll receive of a product you are proud to display. Having a visual reminder of the special moments in life help preserve the memories of those moments forever. Let the professionals help you turn your floral arrangements and keepsakes into that beautiful reminder!


Professional Service

What does professional floral preservation entail?


Preservation: The Process

For purposes of this article, we’ll look at the Suspended in Time® method which we use at Desna’s Designs. Once cut, flowers immediately start a process of wilting and decay. The Suspended in Time method suspends natural decay by using proprietary elements to dry each flower. The process is quicker than other methods of preservation, and allows the flowers to keep their shape and color. The sooner the process starts from the time the flowers were originally cut, the better your results will be. Once the drying part of the preservation is finished your flowers will be encased according to your customized design preferences. When encased, a special industrial sealing process is used to keep out air and humidity. After the encasement process is finished on your display, you will be contacted to pick up your masterpiece.


Preservation: The Design

The team at Desna’s Designs will guide you through the design process to ensure an outstanding final product. What are your design options? The photo galleries at desnasdesigns.com and Desna’s Designs Facebook and Instagram pages will help you visualize some of the pieces we’ve done in the past. You can also find some starting inspiration online. Check out information specific to the life event that inspired you to want memorial artwork for display. Think about what would look best in your home and where you would want to display your art.

Here are some display options (specific to our business, but common for others):

  • Shadow Boxes – Great option for those with memorabilia items to add to florals.
  • Table Domes – Larger are better for full bridal bouquets – Smaller are better for single flowers.
  • Frames – With such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, frames are great for most anyone.
  • Jewelry Boxes – Great for a small collection of flowers.
  • Ornaments – Heart & Round Shaped – Best for one flower.
  • Glass Boxes – Great for bridal bouquets.
  • Custom Shadow Boxes – Best option for occasions/milestones.


Desna’s Designs: A Professional Option

Desna’s Designs has an option for every person and occasion. We have options that work for each desire and purpose. The most common choices for display are a frame, shadow box, or table dome. The flowers we handle range from full bridal bouquets to single roses from a casket spray. One thing we love about our work is knowing we can help you remember special times by having something to visualize for years to come. We enjoy being able to help you save life’s memories by preserving the quality of your floral arrangements.

People often don’t think about adding other items to their floral arrangements. At Desna’s Designs, we can add memorabilia to your preserved flowers to create an even more unique piece of artwork. Adding a photograph of the special event or loved one can help you remember the memories associated with the flowers, but it also adds character. Types of memorabilia often added are invitations, photos, cake toppers, garters, boutonnieres, jewelry, medals, and ribbons. Including these types of items can help add sentimental value to your finished product. Look at previous product results and our client testimonials to see examples of art you could have in your own home.

Contact Desna’s Designs today so we can help you create artwork from life’s memories!