Is the big “tie the knot” day approaching for a friend or loved one? Are you searching every website, the bride-selected registry and Etsy to find that perfectly unique wedding gift? What gift do you get for the couple who already has everything…or for the couple who is starting from scratch? Is giving cash enough? What can you deliver from the heart that will make this gift more personal and be cherished for years to come?

We have answers to those questions causing you so much anxiety – and just possibly the perfect gift.

The Basics

Let’s start with the “the obvious”. Most couples have registered at one or more stores by the time gifting comes around. Feel free to simply take a look at their lists and grab a couple of the less expensive, smaller items, or one of the big-ticket items since that is what they are asking for anyway. If this is too ordinary for you, add a personal touch to make it special. Bundle some of the related items on their list and put them into a cute basket she can use in the home; engrave the stem of wine glasses she asked for; monogram towels to add a special touch to bathroom decor. These special touches ensure that every time she uses these items, she remembers her perfect day.

Gifting Together Time

Life gets busy. A gift of time together might just be the perfect idea for the busy, professional newlyweds. Make your gift one that will allow them to make new memories. Put together a “date night” jar so they can have surprise dates at their fingertips; group together gift cards to dinner and a movie for a night out together; purchase a year-long subscription to a meal delivery service so they can cook together; get a pair of tickets to their favorite theme park or dinner reservations at the hottest restaurant in town. Whatever gift you choose, make sure it is unique to the taste and preferences of the newlyweds.

Relaxation to Rid Frustration

After the lengthy to-do list, the happy couple has been checking off to reach this special date in their lives, be the one who gives the gift of relaxation. Wrap up a gift card for a couple’s massage; make reservations to a quaint hotel for an overnight get-away; or present a gift card to your favorite near-by mountain resort for a weekend excursion; create a relaxation basket and fill it with scented bath salts or bath bombs, a bottle of wine, plush towels, and candles.

Cliché is Okay

Create your own take on “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” For “something old,” get the bride an item that will remind her of an old memory the two of you have together. This could be a framed picture from the past or a box full of her favorite childhood candy. “Something new” might include a gift with her new last name on it. Go to her registry and “borrow” an idea to cover “something borrowed.” And lastly, “something blue” might be a pair of matching robes or a basket to hold specially selected blue items. Ensure that whatever you choose, make it unique and special to the couple.

Money Doesn’t Have to Be Impersonal

Giving the gift of money doesn’t have to be impersonal. We all know that life can be expensive. Whether by cash, check, gift card, or gift certificate, money can be just as personal and appreciated as a perfectly selected gift – just add a little special touch by making the money purposeful! Give a gift card for groceries, movies, gas, or restaurants. Giving cash or check? Just put a note in the card gifting them their first utility bill payment or first trip to the grocery store when they return from their honeymoon! You can even contribute to their honeymoon, an excursion on the honeymoon, or even their first big purchase together.

Preservation Lasts Forever

There isn’t a day more special to a bride than the day she says “I do” to her forever friend, love and partner. How can you memorialize these precious wedding day memories for the bride and groom? Most couples will love photographs from the big day framed or put on canvas, a memory box of small items of purpose for the day, or even a frame or shadowbox of important items like her wedding bouquet or wedding gown. This is what Desna’s Designs specializes in! And we can help you create a truly unique wedding gift.

Flowers are temporary, right? No, this doesn’t have to be the case! If handled appropriately, a bride’s wedding flowers can continue living long beyond the date of the wedding, even for decades to come. The bridal bouquet can be preserved within a beautifully arranged dome for the coffee table or fireplace mantle, or in a shadow box or glass frame with a favorite photo or memory item from the wedding.

What’s so special about the way we do our preservation? We use the patented Suspended in Time® process of flower preservation. Her wedding flowers will remain in the same vibrant glory they were the moment she walked down the aisle – a visual aide to the memories she will share from her wedding for years to come with children and grandchildren.

Oh, and let’s not forget the dress! That perfect wedding dress that melted her heart from the moment she put it on and stood twirling before the mirror. Desna’s Designs can preserve this once in a lifetime dress with no worry of damage or coloring. Cleaning and preservation can keep the dress from falling to the usual victims of the closet….moths, mice or even the everyday monster of years gone by. To keep her beloved gown from discoloration of soiled spots or wear and tear of pests, the dress is preserved to keep memories alive – or even create new memories as it’s passed on to a sister, daughter, niece or granddaughter for a second or third life.

What could be more special than preserving two of the most important details of her big day? Your special gift is just a click on the contact button or a phone call away.

Contact Desna’s Designs today to get started on your order for a personalized preserved keepsake to gift your deserving bride.