It’s 2020, a new decade, and it’s time for brides to embrace new trends and ideas. Brides of 2020 want their wedding pictures to be social-media worthy and only the best, newest, and trendiest elements are sure to stand out. Look no further, the new wedding flower trends of 2020 are here!

Flowers are often a big part of every wedding. With all of the photography involved in weddings today, the flowers you choose will forever be remembered. 

Top Predictions for the Most Popular Wedding Flower Trends of 2020 

  1. Peony
  2. Dahlia
  3. Ranunculus
  4. Garden Rose
  5. Butterfly Ranunculus
  6. Hydrangea
  7. Chrysanthemum disbuds
  8. Anemone
  9. Tender Vines
  10. Succulents & Tillandsia



Remember your wedding day is YOUR day! Don’t be trendy for the sake of being trendy! Your wedding should be all about you and your fiancè; think about what you want and let that drive your decisions. Still, everybody likes a little advice. 

Gone are the days of dull pastels and safe color pallets. The new decade is bringing in some fresh (and not so fresh) ideas. 

Earthy Tones

If you don’t want your flowers to be the focal point of decoration, earthy tones keep everything naturally beautiful without taking all of the attention. Using these organic colors allows you to group a variety of species and textures while giving depth to the arrangements. Earthy, natural tones don’t have to be boring, instead, the neutral palette gives bouquets and arrangements the appeal of both an organic and polished shape. In addition to the obvious foliage and greenery, brides will be using dried and bleached florals to achieve earthy, natural tones. 

POP of Color

Some brides don’t want to give up color or let it overwhelm their arrangements. When used correctly color can help you highlight certain elements. Earthy and fairly neutral tones will still make up the majority of arrangements, but “pops” of color add interest and fun. Using earthy tones allows you to control which elements take the backseat and which ones stand out. Pops of color in the flowers can add dimension while allowing the arrangements to still have a clean look. Adding pops of color works best when colors are chosen wisely and kept from overwhelming. 


monochromatic-adjective: containing or using only one color

Monochromatic bouquets and floral decor can be used as a statement to give an everlasting impression or in simplicity to create a clean, fresh design. Floral arrangements with a monochromatic theme do not have to be boring, one-note, and styleless. The definition “one color” should not be taken so literally. For floral arrangements like these “color” is referring to the hue but not tint and/or shade.

For example, a blue arrangement would not be made of all flowers and blooms being the exact same color. Instead, blue arrangements should include all different tints and shades of blue. Without different tints and shades, floral arrangements can look very flat and dull. Using the multiple shades of blue will also give more freedom of mixing different blooms, herbs, and berries together to add more shape and dimension. Brides will use specific colors in a monochromatic way to evoke meaning. Other brides will simply use the color because it is their favorite. Whichever you choose to be, use monochrome color as a statement!

Meanings of colors:

Red– love, passion, excitement, energy, courage, power

Orange– adventure, independence, creativity, joy, attraction, happiness

Yellow– spontaneity, freshness, energy, optimism, happiness, cheer

Green– harmony, growth, endurance, dependability, natural, balance

Blue– wisdom, loyalty, depth, faith, calm, natural, trust, power

Indigo– royalty trust, luxury, mystery, integrity, sincerity, devotion

Violet– imagination, romance, spirituality, compassion, luxury

Pink– love, playfulness, generosity, understanding, tenderness

White– light, goodness, innocence, purity, cleanliness, simplicity

Black– bold, power, mystery, elegance, strength, formality


Sustainability & Versatility 


Bohemian, Chic, Organic, Rustic, Simple, Vintage – These are some of the most popular words when discussing the themes of 2020 weddings. A common element in these themes is nature. What better way to celebrate nature than having a wedding with sustainable decor? 

Flowers, foliage, and greenery are beautiful on their own, let them be the star of the decoration show. You don’t always have to go all out when going floral, in fact, it is more sustainable not to. Flowers and floral decorations can have a simple design and still be very beautiful. Some brides of 2020 will forego all of the extra glitz and glam in order to have a more natural and relaxed look at their wedding. Florals will be used as table runners, cake decorations, centerpieces, overhead decor, and aisle runners. Using florals in the place of throw-away decorations is a popular trend for the new decade for brides who have a heart for sustainability. 


Wedding flowers are no longer limited to bridal bouquets, and bridal bouquets are no longer limited to their traditional shapes. The wedding flower trends of 2020 are bringing possibility that spreads far and wide, beginning at invitations and ending at the send-off. 

Some of the versatile ways florals can be used for weddings already discussed are floral decorations and floral bouquets. But to elaborate, we will discuss the versatile uses coming from the brides of 2020. 

Floral Decorations

-Table & Aisle Runners

-Centerpieces (small arrangement in a vase/bottle, petals around a candle, etc.) 

-Overhead (ceiling drapery, chandelier, upside-down garden, hanging pomander, etc.)

-Ceremony Trellis/Arch 



-Cake Toppers

-Ring of Florals Around the Cake

Floral Bouquets


     -Shaped, Structured and Symmetrical 

          ~Styles: Pageant/Presentation, Hand-Tied, Cascading, Round, Posy, Single Stem, Nosegay, Biedermeier


     -Asymmetrical, Alternative

         ~Flower Alternatives: Vines, Branches, Succulents, Greenery ONLY, Cotton, Wheat

(Flowers made of:) Paper, Fabric, Feathers, Ribbon, Shells, Brooches, Silk, Felt, Yarn, Buttons, Burlap

        ~Bouquet Alternatives: Wrist Corsage, Wreaths, Lanterns, Pomander, Fan, Basket

Wearable Flowers

Examples: Wrist Corsage, Jewelry, Hair/Head-pieces, Crowns, Greenery Garland Scarf/Shawl, Veil

Floral Confetti 

-Fresh or Dried 

-Small Blooms, Petals, Herbs, Leaves (It’s all biodegradable!)

        ~Bigger pieces for color, smaller pieces for better “shooting/popping”

-Table Decoration, Ceremony Celebration, Night Send-Off

Floral Stationery

-Pressed and/or Dried flowers on invitations, programs, and menus 

-Loose in envelopes or tied to stationary (with jute twine, cotton string, ribbon, etc.) 

Edible Flowers

-Added to: Salads, Ice Cubes, Teas, Appetizers (i.e. Cream Cheese), Champagne

-Garnishes on: Appetizers, Cocktails, Desserts, Cakes

-Used: Full Blooms, Just Petals, Natural, Candied 

(Don’t forget to make sure the taste/spice works for your use just as much, if not more than the color and styling)

Floral Favors

-Potted Herbs, Succulents, Cactuses

-Pressed Flowers (Bookmarks, Framed, etc)

-Seed Packets


-Fresh Leis

-Floral Infused Products (i.e. Soap)

-Bagged Saplings

Desna’s Designs can help you to create floral arrangements that can last a lifetime. Our specialty is to preserve your floral creation so you can enjoy it and show it off long past your wedding day. 

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