Losing a loved one can be a dark time. But life can be a little less dim if you memorialize the life of your loved ones using preserved flowers from their funeral to brighten up your home. Losing a loved one is always difficult. When you lose someone that you used to see every day, every week, or every month, your entire lifestyle changes. You obviously won’t forget about this special person, but wouldn’t it feel great to have a daily reminder of the joy they brought to your life? Why not make a tribute to them that can remind you of the special moments you shared together? Memorialize the life of your loved ones using floral preservation.

Maybe it’s not you who lost a loved one. Perhaps you have a loved one that lost someone else. You probably want to do something special for them and everyone else is giving them flowers. Why not find a way to help them pay tribute to the person they lost? Let’s talk about a beautiful way you can pay tribute to the beautiful people we lose in life!


Preserve Flowers, Memorialize Life

When you lose a loved one, people often shower you with condolences via floral arrangements. Maybe someone knew the favorite flower of the one you lost. Is there a specific arrangement that speaks to you and brings back the memories you share with the person you are commemorating? Perhaps you know of someone who is grieving and has been gifted too many memorial flowers to try keeping them alive in their home. Maybe you know which arrangement means the most to them. Preserving memorial flowers is an especially beautiful way to pay tribute to the lives of these loved ones. Memorialize the life of loved ones using these ideas of preservation.


How to Display Preserved Memorial Flowers

Preservation of memorial flowers has endless opportunities for design and individuality.

Shadow boxes are one of the most popular ways to display preserved memorial flowers. After preservation, the flowers will still have the beauty of life without the hassle of care. Memorial arrangements are usually large, so often times only a sampling of flowers must be selected for preservation and display. Shadow boxes provide the space for memorabilia inclusion alongside the selected flowers. Their UV acrylic panes and liners ensure an added layer of protection throughout the years.

Frames are much like shadowboxes in their use and display. Flowers and memorabilia can be paired together after preservation for a special memorial piece to hang on a wall. Frames can be small enough to display on a table easel and large enough for hanging. They also have UV acrylic liners for protection. Shadow boxes provide more internal space due to their depth. Frames offer a sleeker look with the curvature of their design.

Table domes are another possible way to create a memorial display as a beautiful reminder for your home. Bigger domes are perfect for display on shelves or desks. Smaller domes are perfect for the mantle. Domes can look elegant with flowers displayed alone or with keepsake items added.


Shadow Box Design and Display

Shadow boxes are our favorite option for memorial flower tribute displays. The options with shadow boxes are vast by way of flowers and other items that can be displayed together.

As floral arrangements are a popular gift for those grieving, it should be an easy choice to choose some of those gorgeous flowers to preserve as a tribute to the beautiful life you are celebrating. Myriads of presentation options are viable with flowers in a shadow box.  For instance, a single flower from a casket spray preserved and displayed along with greenery from the spray adds balance. Additionally, multiple flowers create more arrangement options for you to choose from. A couple of blooms can frame an image of your loved one. A handful of blooms can turn into a beautiful bouquet. Each piece is a customized design.

Adding memorabilia to the flowers will help this keepsake tribute to serve its purpose. These tributes are not a reminder of the loss of life. These tributes help you keep the good memories of past times at the forefront of your mind above all. We want to help you create a beautiful keepsake tribute that will undoubtedly honor and commemorate the life of your loved one.

Along with the floral elements, shadowboxes can house many different objects as well. Whatever objects (such as photographs, ribbons, jewelry, etc.) help you to remember the good times and pay tribute to your loved ones can be added. Memorabilia objects only enhance the floral element of your shadow box. We encourage you to think about what you could add to your shadow box to make memories last longer. Let memorabilia objects help you memorialize the life of loved ones using preservation.


How Desna’s Designs Can Help

At Desna’s Designs, we can help you design the perfect tribute piece. Our patented Suspended in Time® preservation process allows the flowers you bring in to be preserved in pristine condition. Additionally, your flowers and memorabilia will be protected from the elements of life in a museum quality encasement. We know these objects and flowers have heavy sentimental value so we treat each client’s order as if it were our own. We would certainly be honored to be part of such a difficult time in life by helping you to remember your best memories.


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