Your wedding bouquet becomes a centerpiece on your big day and represents a significant investment both monetarily and emotionally. It’s with good reason that brides want to preserve their wedding day memories by preserving their bouquet. However, handing those flowers over to someone else requires some trust and many want to know about the process taken during preservation before doing so. This article will provide an overview of the steps we take when working with a wedding bouquet and outline what options are available for initiating the preservation process with Desna’s Designs.

Steps Taken During the Preservation Process

After receiving your wedding bouquet our first step will be to take several pictures at different angles. Those pictures will then be archived so the original design of your bouquet will be on file. This step is essential so the look and feel of your bouquet can be recreated as closely as possible during the design phase of our process.

The next step is the drying process. Your bouquet will be carefully taken apart and each individual stem will be dried using the proprietary process of Suspended in Time®.

After the drying process has been completed, great care will be taken to thoroughly clean each individual flower. Then each flower will be inspected and floral paint will be used on any that may need a touch up.

Lastly, your flowers will pass to the design phase. This is where all the magic happens. One of our designers will arrange your flowers in your choice of encasement, whether that be a frame, shadow box, jewelry box or table dome. The design will be done to your customized specifications, and the pictures taken in step one will be used to recreate the original look of your bouquet if that is what’s desired. Also, your choice of memorabilia can be added such as your wedding invitation or announcement, engagement photo, garter, boutonniere, favorite wedding favor, etc. It’s important to note that this is not a “cookie cutter” procedure. Each piece becomes its own unique customized creation based on the input from each individual customer.

Here’s an example of a wonderful bouquet we recently completed:



What are the Options for Getting Your Flowers to Desna’s Designs

At Desna’s Designs we meet with customers by appointment only. And flowers go into our dryer on a schedule based on when orders are taken. So it’s best to reach out to us as soon as possible. If you’re able to meet with us before your wedding we can sit down to go through all the options and allow you to make your design selections ahead of time. In that case, when your wedding is over either you or someone else can drop off your flowers and we will already have your order on file.

There are generally two ways drop off takes place if you’re not able to meet with us before your wedding. First, if you’re leaving for a honeymoon as soon as your wedding is over then you can have someone else bring your flowers to our shop. Then when you get back from your honeymoon we can set a time to meet so you can make your design selections. Second, if you’re not leaving for a honeymoon directly after your wedding then you can bring your flowers in yourself and go through your design selections at that time.

There are a few important items to note regardless of how you choose to meet with us and handle drop off of your flowers. First, half of your payment will be due at the time design selection takes place. The second half of your payment will be due upon pickup of your completed encasement. A $100 deposit will be charged if someone drops flowers off for you before design selection has taken place. That $100 deposit will be applied to your first half payment whenever that is made.

Second, it’s important we get your flowers in our shop as soon as possible after your wedding. We can restore flowers in almost any condition. However, restoration requires a greater amount of labor resulting in more cost for the customer. The more time that goes by, the more restoration will be needed. So if you’re not able to meet with us soon after your wedding you may want to consider asking someone to drop your flowers off for you.

Also, we recommend you bring extra flowers if possible. These usually come from bridesmaid’s flowers or center pieces. We’ll dry these as well and then during the design phase the best flowers will be selected for your encasement. This ends up being a little more work on our end but usually results in a better final product.

Lastly, please keep in mind we also offer wedding gown preservation. A $25 discount is offered on gowns to all customers who are having their wedding bouquet preserved. If you would like to learn more about the method used for gown preservation, please click HERE. If you would like to learn more about cost and other considerations, please click HERE.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to preserve the memories of your wedding day. Our promise to you is that we’ll treat your flowers as if they were our own. CONTACT US today with any questions you might have or to begin the preservation process.